Terms & Conditions

1. Orders:

1.1. The building of a machine will only commence once 75% Deposit has been received & cleared in GoCNC’s bank account.

1.2. Once 75% Deposit has cleared in GoCNC’s bank account, it will take 21 working days to build, unless specified otherwise.

1.3. Due to Covid-19, all international imports may and have some delays,which in turn could effect the completion date of orders. GoCNC can not be held responsible for any unforseen delays due to shipment delays.

1.4. GoCNC also makes use of third party suppliers and should there be any delays on the third parties side,GoCNC can not be held responsible.

1.5. No Machine will leave the premises of GoCNC for either collection/delivery until full outstanding payment is made or proof thereof has been provided.

1.6. Once deposit is paid on a machine, GoCNC will automatically take it that the client has read and accepts all Terms & Conditions

1.7. Prices quoted are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Prices quoted will be secured upon payment of a deposit.


2. Warranties:

2.1. All machines come with a 12 month parts and component warranty, the 12 month warranty on machine parts is limited to defects in materials and workmanship and excludes spindles.
2.2. Warranty subject to:
- All components are cleaned from all dust/offcut material after each cut
- The machine is in a safe, clean environment and out of direct sunlight
- All components are operated correctly and their capabilities are not overworked/abused.
2.3. The Makita Router comes with a 12 month warranty (with Makita itself) unless damage is due to clients neglect, then the repair will be for clients account.
2.4. GoCNC will not be held liable in any way possible for wear & tear on machines, operator negligence, cosmetic defects or leaking of coolant, it is the responsibility of the client to keep the machine in a good running condition.
2.5. Fitting of parts replaced under warranty will incur labour and travel costs for a technician.


3. Refund Policies:

3.1. We are unable to give refunds on change of mind and any issue pertaining to Terms 1.3 & 1.4.
3.2. If you have an issue with your machine, we will first try to assist you over the phone/Team Viewer.
3.3. If an issue is found that requires the machine to be sent back to us or for us to go out to a client to repair the machine, this will be done at no cost to client, subject to faults within the first month of purchase. From thereafter, the cost will be for clients account.


4. General:

4.1. GoCNC does not supply any CAD/Designing programs and don’t offer any support when it comes to designing of items.
4.2. GoCNC will also not be held liable for any machine not performing correctly due to flaws/errors in the design require to be cut. Ie. The machine can only do what the client commands it to do, hence if the design is incorrect, the machine will not cut correctly.
4.3. The machine has been setup to the required standard settings of GoCNC & GoCNC will not be held responsible for any incorrect functioning of machine if changes have been made to these standard settings.
4.4. Upon collection of machine ordered from GoCNC, the machine will be tested and calibrated to the require standards of GoCNC & the client shall confirm that they are happy with the machine by the signing of the Collection/Delivery Note.
4.5. GoCNC will not be held liable for any machine that breaks resulting from Human Error whatsoever, even so within the first month of purchase.
4.6. One callout is allocated to each purchase once delivery is completed (Gauteng region only) – To assist with any errors/faults on the machine.
4.7. There after GoCNC charges R4.70 per km travelled for a call out & a booking must be made first hand, subject to the availability of the staff at GoCNC.


5. Shipping:

5.1. GoCNC will not be held liable for any missing/damaged components that may incur with transporting or shipping.
5.2. No machine/product will be shipped unless full outstanding funds are paid and proof thereof provided.
5.3. GoCNC will also not be held liable for any shipping delays and any loss of income resulting from that.
5.4. GoCNC does not cover insurance on shipped items and if the clients requires this, it will be for their own account.